About me


Hi! I’m Caroline. Some of my friends call me Caro. Welcome to my blog!

I’m in my fourth year of a BA, majoring (honours) in sociology and minoring in philosophy at Mount Allison University which is located in the tiny, tiny town of Sackville, New Brunswick. To give you an idea, it has a crosswalk decorated with painted ducks, and only two stoplights. I really love vintage and floral clothing, which means my style has alternately been referred to as “carpet bag,” “grandma,” and “librarian” (no shame – shoulder pads make me feel powerful and librarians are the best). I am a learner before anything else, and a dancer after that. I am also a feminist, but that goes without saying. Sometimes I write and present spoken word poetry. I ask a lot of questions, and have trouble believing in myself enough to try to answer them. There is nothing I want more in this world than a small Yorkshire Terrier to name Pépinot and call my own. I am fiercely in love with my bear, Pinky, whom I refer to in the singular, although there are actually four of him – it’s a long story for another time. I am a huge nerd and have loved school for as long as I can remember…except sometimes that’s hard to remember when it’s reduced me to tears. On that note, I struggle with anxiety, depression, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome, and also have a learning disability. I’ll probably write a lot about my experiences of those.

I’ve always found writing really empowering, and have thinking more about radical vulnerability lately. I thought that a blog might give me a chance to think and sort through my beehive of a brain, and would also provide me with good practice in combatting perfectionism. I can’t predict how this blog is going to evolve, but it is highly likely I’ll be writing on topics like mental health and illness, disability, higher education, accessibility, equity, feminism, femininity, and everyday activism and advocacy.

I believe we learn best through conversation and sharing our lived experiences with one another (holla Freire!) so I really hope you get in touch. I’d love to hear from you. Enjoy!


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